Marketing App For Fortune 500 Adhesive Company

Client overview

The Client is a major adhesive company operating primarily in the Asian market.


The Client has most of the sales processes using the Salesforce suite of products across their product divisions for various functions starting from Sales, Services, Operations, and Marketing Automation Services Salesforce allows the company to iterate and rapidly deliver business process management. While Salesforce is a great tool for building dashboards, CRM and ERP software but it can not be distributed to a wide public as the licensing cost of the Salesforce software is based on per user per month model. Each user license cost adds up making it unviable for build an application for the mass distribution. While the company was digitizing for its consumer adhesive brand. They faced an issue of how to onboard thousands of users on its application platform without incurring the prohibitive licensing costs.

The technologies that we used to develop this application are :

Proposed Solution

Hybrowlabs suggested a solution to integrating Salesforce ( with the Heroku platform.

A brief architecture is shown below:


What Hybrowlabs delivered is a PWA (Progressive Web Application) publicly accessible for the users. 10000+ users are using the app to complete a set of complex business processes. The end to end automation, allowed the client to roll out marketing initiatives on a large scale.

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