Digital Referral Marketing

Overview As you may be aware, Marketing is the key to increasing sales. Omni-channel Marketing is the latest buzz word, in light of the wave of e-commerce and Digital Transformation witnessed by the world, for propelling product sales, during the last 2 decades. Marketing Managers are often challenged by the inability to convert customers, despite […]

How to build Software Products and Apps?

Overview Software Products and Apps contribute immensely to the productivity, optimal resource utilization, and economics of any organization.  CTOs of companies i.e. the client, needless to say, are mandated to develop. Products and Apps in an efficient, cost-effective, and timely manner, to meet their corporate goals. Hence, outsourcing development becomes an inevitable choice. Also, this […]

To Out-Source or To Develop Software In-House

Overview CTOs of companies are often faced with the dilemma of this moot question! Is it a better option to develop software in-house or get the development outsourced to a Software Services Vendor? The answer nevertheless is not a straight one. It finally trickles down to several factors ? The priorities of the company, the […]