Applicant Management Tracking System for Startups

Option A


OptionA conducts pre-interviews using the Skills Assessment and allows companies to assess a prospective candidate’s skills prior to the actual face-to-face interview. This empowers recruiters and helps them hire with better accuracy and confidence, resulting in higher productivity and efficiency.


The Problem

Hiring is time-consuming and stressful, especially when you have to manage a dozen or more resumes from people who may or may not be qualified. Over the past decade, there have been many changes in the hiring industry, including the introduction of automated hiring software that can perform a lot of the same functions for you. There is no hiring solution in the market catering to solopreneurs and startups. That's the problem OptionA wants to solve.

The Solution

A seemless experience for a user to attempt questions.

This is a whitelabelled experience, hosted on the customer’s domain with his logo. This helps the company set needed branding.


What we did

Figma to React

Most Popular

Convert your Figma design to functional, pixel-perfect React code

Various React frameworks to choose from (NextJS, CRA, Gatsby)

Unit testing and Integration Tests included

IaaC setup

Most Popular

Code that spins up your infrastructure

Dockerize your application stack

Make it multi-cloud by leveraging Kubernetes

Architectural design

Tech Architecture design to suit your growth plan

Speed up go to market keeping scalability in mind

Architecture design combining Low Code and High Code technologies.


Technologies Used