AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda is a serverless platform where you can run your application code in multiple languages that are supported by AWS Lambda and run by using AWS standard runtime environment and the resources provided by Lambda. 

Use Cases for AWS Lambda

  • Working serverless websites 

This is one of the most significant use cases to exploit the estimating model of Lambda, and S3 facilitated static sites. Consider facilitating the web frontend on S3, and growing content transfer with Cloudfrontcaching. The web frontend can send requests to Lambda functions by using API Gateway HTTPS endpoints. Lambda can deal with the application logic and continue information to a completely oversaw database service. You can have your Lambda functions and databases inside a VPC to separate them from different systems. Regarding Lambda, API Gateway and S3, you pay simply after the traffic caused, the main fixed cost will be running the database service.

  • Log analysis on the fly

You can without much of a stretch form a Lambda capacity to check log documents from Cloudtrail or Cloudwatch. Lambda can scan in the logs searching for explicit events or log entries as they happen and convey notices using  SNS. You can likewise effectively actualize custom notifications to Slack, Zendesk, or different systems by calling their API endpoint inside Lambda.

  • Automated backups and daily tasks

organized Lambda events are extraordinary for housekeeping inside the AWS accounts. Making backups, checking for inert assets, producing reports and different undertakings that often happen can be executed in no time using the boto3 Python libraries.

  • Preparing uploaded S3 objects

By utilizing S3 object event warnings, you can quickly begin handling your documents by Lambda, when they land in S3 buckets. Image thumbnail age by Lambda is an extraordinary model for this utilization case, so the result will be financially profitable and you don’t have to stress over scaling up – Lambda will deal with any heap!

  • Separating and changing the information on the fly 


Since Lambda is profoundly adaptable, it is incredible for changing information between S3, Redshift, Kinesis and database benefits, and separating on the fly. You can simply put Lambda in the middle of services to change and burden information as required.

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