Docker is used for software application development with the help of containers. Containers are the execution environments that allow developers to make shared use of the operating system otherwise in another system. Docker Hub is a cloud-based vault administration that permits you to connect to code archives, assemble your pictures and test them, stores physically pushed pictures, and connections to Docker Cloud so you can send pictures to your hosts.

What Can We Do With Docker ?

  • Learning new technologies

            To get started with a new tool without spending time on installation and configuration, Docker offers an                           isolated and disposable environment. Many projects maintain Docker images with their applications already                   installed and configured.        

  • Basic use cases

            Pulling images from Docker Hub is also a good solution if your application is basic or standard enough to work              with a default Docker image. Cases such as hosting a website using a LAMP stack, using a reverse proxy, or                  setting up a Minecraft server often have an official or well-supported image available on DockerHub. If the                      default configuration in these images is acceptable for your needs, then pulling the image can save a lot of                     time that would otherwise be spent setting up your environment and installing the necessary tools.

  • App isolation

            If you want to run multiple applications on one server, keeping the components of each application in separate              containers will prevent problems with dependency management.

  • Developer teams

             If you have developers working with different setups, Docker provides a convenient way to have local                               development environments that closely match the production environment, without needing to ssh into a                         remote box.  

Use Cases for Docker

  • Simplifying Configuration
  • Code Pipeline Management
  • Developer Productivity
  • App Isolation
  • Server Consolidation
  • Debugging Capabilities
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Rapid Deployment

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