Jenkins is a famous, open-source automation server to perform CI/CD and build automation. Its primary use case is executing a predefined configuration of stages or occupations. At the end of the day, each adjustment in an archive triggers a pipeline of occupations that assesses and executes various assignments to achieve what has been recently characterized. Each stage is observed and permits you to stop the whole procedure and the change will be accounted for to the client by Jenkins. In enormous organizations, it is regular for various groups to deal with a similar task without recognizing what different groups are doing on a similar code base. Those progressions can make bugs that may be uncovered when the two codes are coordinated into a similar branch. Since Jenkins can run its predefined jobs for each submit, it will have the option to identify and inform engineers that something isn’t right and where it is.

Use Cases for Jenkins

  • Continuous Integration (CI)
  • Continuous Delivery (CD)
  • Continuous Deployment (CD)
  • Automation

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