OpenVidu is a platform to encourage the expansion of video brings in your web or mobile application. It gives a total heap of technologies simple to use in your application. The objective of the OpenVidu is to permit developers to add ongoing interchanges to their applications extremely quickly and with low effect in their code. OpenVidu offers prepared to-utilize components that you can just paste in your code to rapidly get your video calls fully operational.

Use Cases for OpenVidu

  • An incorporated 1-to-1 video-call center to go to your customer’s eye to eye. 
  • A video classroom platform organizes where in any event one or more teachers distribute their webcams or computers and various students get them. 
  • Sound just rooms where clients can likewise interface through a visit. 
  • A gathering organization that permits the moderator to apply audio or video channels progressively and record the talk in a video document. 
  • A security platform where you can get video from observation cameras/webcams. You could even get a notification when some improvement is recognized in a region of the video.

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