The Serverless Framework makes you to build serverless applications with fundamentally less overhead and cost. It gives an amazing, bound together understanding to create, convey, test, secure and screen your serverless applications. The Serverless Framework comprises of an open-source CLI that makes it simple to create, send and test serverless applications across various cloud providers, just as a hosted Dashboard that incorporates features intended to additionally free serverless advancement, organization, and testing, and empower you to handily make sure about and screen your serverless applications.

Use Cases for Serverless

  • Auto-scaling Websites and APIs

Serverless sites and applications can be created and deployed without the front-work of setting up framework. In this case, it is possible to dispatch a completely practical site in days. Best of all, the serverless backends scale naturally with the request. No compelling reason to dread to crash when you get unexpected floods of traffic. 

  • Event Streaming

Serverless processing can be activated from event logs, giving you a versatile, adaptable event pipelines without the maintenance of complex groups. These event streaming pipelines can control your search frameworks, update optional information stores and reserves, or feed checking systems. 

  • Image and Video Manipulation 

Serverless permits you to assemble execution improving image and video services for any application. You can utilize serverless services to do things like powerfully resize images or change video transcoding for various objective devices.

  • Handling Events and SaaS

Current applications are amazingly measured, in that they actively use programming from outsider SaaS providers (GitHub, Twilio, Auth0, Stripe) to convey usefulness. These SaaS providers don’t let you run works on their system, however, they do release events.

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