SightCall is an open platform that gives a whole arrangement of connectors, APIs, SDKs and prepared to use out of the case applications. With SightCall you profit by a worldwide eco-arrangement of top tier arrangement suppliers and framework integrators. It is a worldwide platform based on a worldwide constant video framework.

Use Cases for SightCall

  • Video Recruiting

Video meets and hiring has become increasingly more famous as ventures and private ventures attempt to make the contracting procedure progressively productive.

  • Video Conferencing Escalation

Representatives will, in general, engage in email discussions that end efficiency and moderate work pace. Associates trapped in email discussions can without much of a stretch start a multi-party video gathering or coordinated video assemble and team up progressively.

  • Live Video Technical App Troubleshooting Support

Include a video client service button to your application and give your clients an Amazon Mayday-like understanding and impart and investigate with them directly on their device.

  • Enterprise Social Platform

One way the enterprise is boosting commitment and joint effort is by actualizing social platforms, for example, Chatter and Yammer. Inside the venture, representatives work together and draw in with one another on both coordinated video calls and multi-party video conferencing.

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